Riyad hamad, is a Palestinian creative director, who was born in Hamburg/ Germany, on the 7th of February, 1975. You can find him in many places traveling and searching for a subtle smile, a wink, or a look. A special invisible look, that reveals its hidden story, a look that hides its own unseen charm that deserves to be observed, simply becomes obvious through a simple picture that was taken in the right moment and place to end up looking at a hidden beauty you wouldn’t have noticed unless you have seen such a deep picture. To catch unique pictures that reflect its unnoticeable charm is Riyad’s challenge. Since he was a child he had his own unique passion to create his own vision regarding the way he sees the world and its hidden magic, and beauties, which was through graphic design, photography, and filmmaking; in order to focus on specific issues that need to be observed and noticed. He has worked in the visual art field as a creative professional amateur for more than 22 years. He perceives his future by mastering film making and visual tricks which he is currently studying
Riyad is the founder of Scribble Studio in Ramallah, Scribble is a animation, design, photography and film studio, that has in its constitution and its partners, professionals with extensive experience in the field of visual arts and communication.
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